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"Morocco with Aziam Trek really is a fantastic and extremely unique experience",  Corrie is often told, whilst walking. By this the walkers are not only referring to the beautiful Moroccan landscape and day-to-day experiences, but also to Brahim and his team.

Brahim is always looking for new, unknown and special places to add to the itineraries. It is he who makes it possible for us to meet the Berber people, to be invited to have tea and stay with them as well as taking us shopping in the little hidden local stores and experiencing the authentic way of life. Buy real saffron from where it actually grows, see the traditional way women and girls weave and knot carpets in the wonderful old patterns that are handed down through families.
As you travel with Brahim and Corrie you will be able to reflect on our mutual friendship and the care taken by the cooks and other members of the team.

When choosing a trip with Aziam Trek you will experience a great time and you will also help to improve the lives of the Moroccan people who will be accompanying you. Obviously Brahim is the hub of it all. As Corrie has already mentioned he is the best guide she has ever met (and she have met quite a few!). Brahim's deafness is a handicap, not for us or his work, on the contrary. It actually makes him take much more care and will keep a more close eye on his tourists and team. It is the authorities that are the problem. 
Brahim became deaf in his twenties which was just about the time when the Moroccan government decided that the mountain guides needed a certificate.  A special school was founded but Brahim could not follow the teaching due to his deafness. 
Travel agencies will only work with certified guides. Brahim, therefore, depends on people like us who are travelling as friends with him. For the last 30 years, despite not being certified, he has a very good reputation, also amongst his fellow guides. 
You may ask if a certificated guide is better. Basically being a good mountain guide is not only a matter of education but more importantly talent and a great deal of experience.

Brahim is not the only one to benefit from our trekkings. Thanks to him many others can earn a living. This includes the cooks, mule and camel men, drivers, other guides and the generous people who invite us into their homes. In this way every group gives work to between 5 - 10 people. Unemployment is very high in Morocco and there is no social security or benefit system. Only one in ten of the population has work and they have to support the rest of the family, so our treks mean a great deal to them.

Corries work is completely voluntary, she does not earn anything, so all the money goes to Brahim and his team - it is for all of them. You help her helping them - and it works. She has been doing this for more than 20 years and Ishe can certainly see the difference it makes. As far as possible the money that is earned is invested in improved accommodation, education and a better daily life. More modern thinking has enabled Brahim's daughters to go to college and learn how to use a computer. More and more children - especially - girls are encouraged by their parents to go to college. The wives get new teeth and clothes! Learning things such as it is not a good idea to marry your cousin! 
Also environmentally they are encouraged to re-cycle and dispose of plastic and batteries carefully.

So a trek with Aziam Trek is much more than just a holiday.

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