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Brahim and Corrie, friends forever


Brahim serves tea

Momo's chefs diploma


the team of the Tour de Hammam

team aziam trek


Brahim I and II prepare picknick

Ali, always working

the grils made us a cake

Aicha makes us a bread (tanûrt) in her clay oven

the Siroua team

Driss from the Siroua

Ali helps Momo preparing food

Ahmed looks for his camels

the Sahro team

Driss in the middle of a corn field in the dessert

Brahim Aziam
Brahim, the hub of Aziam Trek is a very charming and honest man. He organizes everything in Morocco, planning, food, transport, supplies and accommodation as well as men, mules and camels. And he always does something more than expected. He has been in tourism for more than 30 years, first as a driver and cook progressing to guide and organizer. At great satisfaction to everyone, because he does his job with a lot of care and kindness and very accurate and considerate. In spite of being 50% deaf. This does not have any effect on his work, in fact he is able to compensate with other senses. Thanks to the generosity of our walkers he has hearing aids. Only telephone communication is not always easy. Many people agree with Corrie that he is the best guide they have met. Brahim is also involved in our aid project.

Corrie de Hoog
Corrie and her husband run a successful Bed and Breakfast in France. She is not a travel agency and her activities are purely private. She is Brahim's contact in Europe trying to find people for the trips and she built and maintains this website. All on a voluntary basis, because she wants to help Brahim and his people to earn their living. Corrie and her husband met Brahim in 1999 during a walking holiday in the High Atlas and were impressed by the way they were cared for and the way Brahim was held in such high esteem by his peers. Two days were enough for this friendship to blossom into what it is today.
Corrie is a keen walker who also likes to discover other cultures and meeting people. Morocco is her favourite destination and where she feels at home. It was her idea to start the school project.

Momo is our 'head cook and bottle washer'! He is a dear friend who prepares excellent meals and serves a lovely glass of tea (berber whisky), always with a smile and jokes. He is also an excellent guide.

Our contact for our so called Tour de Hammam, assistant guide, mule man and excellent cook. Very kind and considerate. He kindly lets the walkers stay the night in his home and his mother, Kbira and wife, Mina prepare a wonderful meal and hammam (small sauna like place to wash).

Abdellatif takes care of everything when Brahim and Corrie are not available. He is the treasurer of our school project and manager of Hotel Café Soleil. Abdellatif speaks French, English and Spanish.

Driss is 'our' man in the dessert - he knows it like the back of his hand. He is in charge of the camels and the carers Ahmed, Ali, Brahim and Hamed). The last night of the dessert trek is spent at Driss’s home. It is a great pleasure for us, the children and wifes of this big family.

Abdullah and his team always follow Brahim in finding new places to visit. He helps with the stay in the Siroua mountains where one night is spent in the most beautiful campsite in the world (according to Corrie). He and his team will often serenade us with their singing.


We also like to travel with: Mohammed, Hassan and other guides
Hoessein, Lahcen and their team accompany the trek in the Djebl Sahro
Ali, accompanist in the Tafilalt/Vallée du Ziz
Mohammed and his team guide the trek in the Zat valley/Yagour Plateau
As well as all the other drivers, cooks, mule and camelmen and let’s not forget the wifes who let us stay in their homes.

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